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Model: 091

Tsukarezu Kona 50 bags SAL U.S.A.

Tsukarezu Kona 50 bags by SAL to U.S.A..
The total amount : 16,800 JPY
(including the goods charge and the shipping charge)
Packing weight : 5 kg (Shipping charge : SAL 7,300 JPY)
For the shipping charge cost, merchandise charge is discounted.

Please push a button of "add this to my cart" and order by credit card payment.
If it's SAL mail, it even takes for about 1 month for arrival.

つかれず粉 50袋 SAL便 アメリカ向け
合計金額 : 16,800円 (商品代、送料込み)
梱包重量 : 5 kg (送料 : SAL便 7,300円)


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