[News of a part renewal of goods]
Feb.23 2016
Sale of renewal items has been begun from February 15.
Renewal target goods is Item code 4 Tsukarezu Bebi and Item code 5 Tsukarezu Balance and Item code 7 Tsukarezu Mini and Item code 8 Tsukarezu Wakasa.
I would like to ask you to continue the use of goods.

[News of credit card payment introduction]
Feb.3 2015
I introduced the credit card payment on our Web site from the afternoon on February 3, 2015. Please use it.

[Quality report page carrying]
Jan.17 2012
The safety information on goods can be confirmed. From this.

[SSL coding has been begun.]
Feb.5 2009
Our communication was coded with a customer by contract with GlobalSigh Corporation. Each page of an order page, the question form and an e-mail magazine delivery stop is coded, so please use it surely. For more information, please click here about SSL coding.

[Home page and renewal]
Dec.16 2008
A home page was remodeled. It became easier to look for a page than before. Thank you.

[News of new product sale]
Mar.1 2006
[Tsukarezu Gluconsamine] and [Tsukarezu Soft] were made new release.
I'd like to suggest [Tsukarezu Gluconsamine] to the person with an unpleasant joint.
The sour taste is weak, so [Tsukarezu Soft] are easy to drink.
Please order.